• The refrigerated truck is a special vehicle. The body of the refrigerated truck is different from the ordinary van. The insulation body of the refrigerated truck is a fully sealed rectangular cabin, which has good thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance, and meets the thermal insulation requirements of low-temperature transportation of goods.

    The working principle of the refrigerated truck is that when the outside temperature enters the compartment of the refrigerated truck through radiation, conduction, and convection, it will be taken away by the cold air blown by the refrigeration unit to isolate the heat source from entering the goods to ensure the temperature of the goods.

    When choosing a refrigerated truck, you should not only consider the load goods, but also consider the thermal insulation performance. You must know that the core of the refrigerated truck is the incubator. After choosing the chassis of different brands, it is also very important to choose the appropriate incubator. Many users only know that the appearance of the incubator is the same. The white glass fiber reinforced plastic and the rectangular box are about the same, so you can choose it casually. Some users feel that the price is cheap, but after buying it, it feels different. An empty box can be equipped with a cooler.

    Before purchasing a refrigerated truck, you must understand the incubator technology and refrigeration unit selection, and choose the appropriate incubator and refrigeration unit according to the transported goods. Boxes with poor heat preservation effects dissipate heat too quickly, and the cooler cools down too slowly, which may cause damage to the transported goods. Maybe the price of the goods is more expensive than the entire vehicle, and the loss will be greater. In addition, the heat preservation effect is not good, the temperature of the transported goods is not reached, the cold machine frequently works, and the service life of the cold machine is shortened, and the fuel consumption of the vehicle will be much larger. The later maintenance of the vehicle is not cost-effective.

    Here are a few items to consider when purchasing a refrigerated truck for your reference

    1. The thermal insulation performance of the thermal insulation material should be considered, and the box panels should be insulated to minimize heat conduction and ensure that the box panels are used for a long time without any problems;

    2. The process of closing the box, the connection between the box plates must be firm and durable, and there should be no gaps in the long-term use;

    3. Reinforce the rear door frame of the box body to ensure that the rear door frame is not deformed after frequent loading and unloading, and the rear door is opened and closed;

    4. The material of the sub-beam must be firm and durable. It is best to be made of automobile beam steel. The stable side beams, box pressing plates, connecting plates, and U-shaped bolts must be firm, reliable and durable.

    5. Special reminder, when installing the side protective beam, the rear fender must be fixed to the auxiliary beam, never fixed to the box, because the impact will directly affect the box, the repair will be very troublesome and the effect is not very ideal. , It is more troublesome to replace the box plate, and the cost of replacing the box body is too large, so pay more attention to the details to avoid subsequent maintenance losses.

    To buy a refrigerated truck, it is recommended to find a professional manufacturer to observe the details and compare more. You can also contact me for some reference opinions. I hope everyone can buy a suitable refrigerated truck