• Refrigerated vehicles as special vehicles, have some precautions to be taken prior to driving in case there are some unnecessary inconveniences during driving. The following checks are recommended prior to each load of cargo:

    1. The refrigerated truck fuel diesel or petrol supply must be sufficient to ensure that the engine will run to at least the next checkpoint.

    2. Refrigerated truck engine oil The engine oil level is supplied at (full) mark, do not overfill (change every year).

    3. Refrigerated truck coolant check to see if the amount of coolant is correct, the pointer should be within the white range. If the coolant level is in the red range, add coolant to the coolant tank. The coolant is usually a mixture of ethylene glycol and water (according to the actual situation of the product using different proportions), and should provide protection to -34 degrees Celsius do not freeze. Note: Do not open the coolant tank lid when the coolant is hot.

    4. Refrigerator truck battery terminals must be strong, no corrosion. Electrolyte should be full mark.

    5. Belt must be good and adjusted to the appropriate expansion tightness. 13mm Droop between the pulleys

    6. Electrical Check all electrical connections in the electrical control circuit to ensure that they are secure. Wires and terminals should be non-corrosive, burning cracking or moisture.

    7. Visual inspection of the unit for leaks, parts loose or broken and other damage.

    8. Gasket installation gasket should be firmly pressed, in good condition. Therefore, the scientific maintenance, not only to ensure the integrity of equipment, but also reduce operating costs.