• As we all know, the most used of refrigerated trucks is its tires, there is no good tire, how can we talk about the speed? So that the maintenance of the tire is very crucial, if the tire slippery or not enough pressure, it is enough to affect the operation of the entire vehicle, showing that the role of a small tire is so great. Each time you drive a refrigerated truck, the tires have to withstand the pressure from the road, the tires will gradually wear away and eventually lose their grip. Then what several aspects to view and observe whether the need to replace the tire? let's go.

    First of all, we have to look the surface of the tire pattern depth, The thickness of the tread pattern must be greater than 1.6 mm, Followed by tread wear indicator lines to observe, when the tire is new or low degree of wear and tear under the circumstances, these lines will be almost undetected, but when the wear reaches a certain extent that these lines hidden in the tread gully it's presented. If almost all the indicator lines on the tire are clearly visible, it means you need to change the tire as soon as possible.


    Of course, the problems with tires are not all focused on the surface. If we look closely, we can find the directly visible cracks and cuts in the tire sidewalls. These small grooves foreshadow possible future blow-bys on the tires, and even worse, burst the tires, This is something we do not want to happen, so we usually need to observe more, If the tire on the bump and bubbling or driving in the process of excessive vibration and jitter, you must be drive refrigerated truck to the service station to examine the specific reasons.