• 1) What's the matter with the increase in fuel consumption of refrigerated trucks

    1. If you find that the sliding distance of the refrigerated truck is significantly reduced during driving, you should check whether the air pressure of the tires meets the air pressure standard. If the tires are under-inflated, the fuel consumption will also increase. Then it is time to inflate the tires. Usually, you should also pay attention to checking the wear degree of the tires. If the tires are severely worn, slippage will often occur and increase the fuel consumption. Replace with new tires if necessary.

    2. If you find abnormal noise from the wheels of the refrigerated truck while driving or starting, you should promptly check whether the bearing and braking system are faulty. If the wheels turn abnormally, it will affect the speed of the vehicle and increase the fuel consumption.

    3. The slippage of the clutch will cause the loss of the number of revolutions of the engine. When you find that the engine tachometer increases rapidly but the vehicle speed increases very slowly when accelerating rapidly, it can be determined that the clutch is slipping. We need to replace the clutch plate, clutch pressure plate and drive wheel in time.

    4. When your refrigerated truck has traveled 200,000 to 300,000 kilometers, the cylinder pressure is usually insufficient, and the fuel consumption will increase significantly. Then the engine needs an overhaul.

    5. When black smoke appears in the exhaust pipe and the fuel consumption increases, it is necessary to check the carburetor and disassemble and clean it.

    6. If the spark plug is used for too long, the fuel consumption will also increase. Because the spark plug damage will reduce the ignition energy, the speed of the car will slow down, resulting in a significant increase in gasoline consumption. The spark plugs should be replaced.

    7. When the temperature control switch and thermostat of the refrigerated truck are damaged, the fuel consumption will increase. Because the damage of the temperature control switch and thermostat will reduce the water temperature, the carburetor will not work properly, resulting in poor atomization of gasoline and a significant increase in fuel consumption.

    2) How to drive a refrigerated truck to save more fuel

    1. Correct tire pressure

    If the tire pressure is lower than the recommended value, the rolling resistance will increase greatly, and the tire life will also be shortened drastically. So every driver should check whether their tire pressure is normal every day. Teams should also equip each driver with a barometer.

    2. Reduce air resistance

    For high-speed refrigerated trucks, it is very important to reduce the air resistance of the vehicle. When driving a refrigerated truck at high speed, close the window. After the vehicle travels at a speed of more than 75 km/h, in order to overcome air resistance, the fuel consumption of the refrigerated truck is 1.5 times that of an ordinary economical vehicle. Opening the windows will negatively affect fuel consumption. In this case, turning on the air conditioner is actually more fuel-efficient than opening the windows. And do not install redundant equipment on the car that will hinder the airflow around the body, and install the cab shroud as much as possible without affecting the outer unit of the box refrigeration unit.

    3. Keep the speed steady

    Everyone who drives knows that the vehicle consumes the most fuel when accelerating. We should keep the vehicle steady when driving a refrigerated truck and reduce the number of braking and acceleration. Only in this way can we save more fuel. If the refrigerated truck driver slammed the accelerator all the way, we could have doubled our usual fuel consumption. The most economical driving speed is 50 to 60 kilometers per hour.

    4. Avoid idling

    Fuel is also consumed when the vehicle's engine is idling. If you encounter a long traffic light when you are driving on the road, or you are delayed on the road for a long time because of something, please turn off the car at this time. The fuel consumption of a vehicle's engine idling for three minutes is equivalent to allowing the vehicle to travel one kilometer on the road.

    5. Don't overload

    Don't let the refrigerated truck carry extra things, whether it is a bottle of water or half a barrel of oil, which will increase the load of the refrigerated truck. Also, don't put extra stuff on the roof, which will create resistance and reduce fuel mileage by 5%.

    6. Reduce the rolling resistance of tires

    By reducing the friction between the tire and the road surface to reduce rolling resistance, it can reduce fuel consumption. While you can't directly control the quality of the road, you can choose your own tires and decide how many tires to put on your refrigerated truck. The general principle is: choose a small number of tires, all-steel radial tires, tubeless tires and tires with improved patterns constantly introduced by manufacturers, which can not only greatly reduce rolling resistance, reduce fuel consumption, but also reduce noise and prolong tire life. service life.

    In addition, good and correct driving habits will make the refrigerated truck more fuel-efficient and have a longer service life. The driver should keep the vehicle stable and reduce the number of braking and acceleration when driving the refrigerated truck. Only in this way can it be more fuel-efficient.