• The choice of refrigerated trucks is mainly determined by the chassis, coat, and other key parts, such as truck chassis, container and refrigeration units. Only these three parts are reliable can ensure the safety of refrigerated trucks during transport process. So we should choose refrigerated trucks from these three aspects.


    The choice of the chassis

    1, Traditional truck chassis or tractor form
    In fact there is no rigid requirements on choosing the truck chassis or tractor chassis, it is mainly to see the transport of goods as much as the amount of transport and the distance. In general, short-distance selects the light truck chassis, medium and long distance cargo large select the heavy truck chassis, or traction semi-trailer form.

    2, Own purchase or entrust manufacturing plant
    Many buyers believe that they may need to pay commission to entrust manufacturing plant to purchase refrigerated trucks.  Actually, manufacturing plant has a good relationship with relevant dealers and can get a better price, and more suitable for modified production. Also, buyers can better down the price of they purchase truck chassis, insulation and refrigeration units at one dealer. As long as the contract in the attention to the chassis of the parameters is required, it is more convenient to purchase from manufacturers.

    The purchase of container

    1, According to the goods

    The choice of the container is related to the delivery of the specific goods. For example, refrigerators carrying fresh meat need to be customized on the container hook; if the application of refrigerated trucks is to do the distribution of small quantities for the store, you may need multi-temperature refrigerated trucks; temperature demand is different, frequent loading and unloading need to open the door refrigerated trucks. In addition, the buyer can make customize according to the specific needs of the container factory.

    2, Change the ordinary container into freezer

    Although the manufacturer say that ordinary container can be changed into freezers, but change the ordinary containers into refrigerator is not commend. Manufacturers' proposal is to directly replace container by refrigerators, which is more cost-effective. Because the general cargo compartment is made of iron or steel made, the insulation effect is not very good, but also easy to rust. Such as transport seafood products. As the sea water is corrosive,  the choice of corrosion material is necessary.

    Selection of refrigeration units

    1,Independent units or non-independent units

    Non-stand-alone refrigeration units are cheap and easy to maintain. But this unit itself has no power device, must rely on the car engine to drive the compressor to work. By the impact of the work of the engine and the performance of independent units is not good enough. The stand-alone refrigeration units have engine and generator devices that provide power for the refrigeration system. Able to work independently, not subject to restrictions on the working state of the car engine. This cooler performance is relatively stable, but the price is higher, accessories are more expensive. For short-distance distribution, the car's length is under 7 meters, non-independent unit is proposed. Not only the purchase cost is lower, even looking for maintenance point is also relatively convenient. For long-distance transport, the car in more than 7 meters, it is recommended to use independent refrigerators. Because in the long-distance transport process, even if the car engine to stop working, the refrigerator can still be normal cooling to meet the safety of transport items.

    2, Cryogenic unit or preservation unit

    Price of cryogenic units is expensive, which also has lower cooling temperature. Preserving units are relatively cheap, but for the cheap preservation unit, the unit itself does not have defrost function. Even if some preservation unit claims to be able to reach minus ten degrees, is also an exaggeration to say. During the purchase, according to the refrigerated trucks shipped by the different temperature requirements to choose cryogenic units or preservation unit.

    3, Large brand refrigeration unit or ordinary refrigeration unit

    Large brand refrigeration unit is expensive but with better cooling effect, suitable for buyers of good economic. In the temperature control, ordinary refrigeration units  has a certain gap with the big brand brand, but the price advantage is clearly. Regardless of domestic or imported units, it is important to note whether the unit's temperature sensor is installed in the return air return position of the evaporator. Because the unit temperature sensor is installed in the return air or exhaust position of the two cases, the temperature of the reading will be a difference of about 5 degrees. For those who want to buy a large brand refrigeration units but have not enough funds can choose second-hand imported refrigeration unit.

    In general, the transport environment of refrigerated trucks determines its stringent requirements for reliability and stability. The above chassis selection, the choice of the conatiner, the choice of refrigeration units are also around the reliability and stability of the trucks.